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    100 of thousands of Londoners marched against Brexit
    About 100 thousand people gathered for a March through Central London in protest against the upcoming British exit from the European Union. The March was timed to the second anniversary of a referendum on Brexit, 52 percent of the participants voted for secession from the Union.

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    Saturday 23 June 2018 - 19:02:57email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Russia called OPEC
    Saudi Arabia hopes that Russia will join OPEC and will apply in the near future.

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    The mnangagwa tried to kill
    In the city of Bulawayo in Zimbabwe is an attempt on the President of this African country, the Emmerson Mnangagwa, speaking there at a rally. It is reported that the explosion occurred in the stadium where the event took place. President Mnangagwa was not injured and is currently in security.

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    Belgium defeated Tunisia through the doubles Lukaku and hazard
    On the Russian fields continues game football world Cup. In Moscow at stadium "Spartak" in the second round of group G Belgium was examined by the team of Tunisia. The red devils left no chance to the opponent, beating with Chet 5:2.

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    Saturday 23 June 2018 - 17:06:24email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The Russian foreign Ministry called odious is the UN GA resolution on Transnistria
    The resolution calling for the withdrawal of foreign troops from Moldova, which on June 22 endorsed by the UN General Assembly, could undermine the fragile progress that has been made in recent months in the Transnistrian conflict settlement process, according to the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

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