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    "Bloody mistress": Yulia Snigir was afraid to play Saltychikha

    19 Feb viewers of the channel "Russia 1" will see Yulia Snigir in the title role in the new series "Bloody lady" — based on biography who lived in Catherine's time landowner Darya Saltykova, known popularly for their crimes Saltychikha.

    The cemetery of the Donskoy monastery. Together with the Director and producer of the "Bloody lady" by Egor Anashkin wanted the tomb of Darya Saltykova. No signs or markers on the diagram of the necropolis there.

    Two sarcophagi — the most Saltychikha and her son. That tombstone landowner killer looked, of course, is an ominous sign. More than a hundred serfs were tortured for 16 episodes of the Saga, the authors investigate the structure of the soul of this monster in woman's form.

    "It's still not the story of the maniac is the story about love when it turns to sickness, to madness. This is a story about how you, looking back, I don't know how you roll along this inclined track," says Egor Anashkin.

    The film-makers warn: do not watch this movie as a historical chronicle. Important to understand at what point of the pious widowed girls Moscow columnar noblewoman Darya Saltykova turned into a monster, who in a fit of rage, comes up with new sophisticated torture for their serfs, and then calculating obstructed the investigation of their crimes.

    "They sent me the script. And I refused it immediately. Probably scared me the theme and character," said Julia Snigir.

    No reliable picture of Daria Nikolaevna Sutkovoy to the present day has not been preserved. It is only known that she was "pretty". For 16 series develops a whirlwind romance between a rich widow and a relative of her husband Sergei Saltykov. In fact, the bloody passion of a lady was directed to major Nicholas tutcheva — grandfather of the famous poet.

    After these relations the mind Saltykova, apparently, and clouded completely. She tried several times to kill Tyutchev and his bride, and in the Moscow house and the estate podmoskovnom Saltychikha started a real terror.

    Twenty-one times serfs were submitted to the authorities of the complaint on the owner. She beat serfs with whips, lashings and logs, tore hair, burned with a hot iron, starved, froze in the street, drowned. Especially not loved a lady young and beautiful girls. But every time thanks to the patrons and bribery complaints of the peasants remained without consideration, and most of the Complainants returned to Saltykova, where they waited for unenviable fate.

    "She absolutely could not keep those flashes of anger that it occurred. She simply could not control. And it was moments of its opacity. I understand that her character can be approached through her mental illness through a pathological paranoia, the distrust of the people so that any laughter makes her fear, she seems to laugh it over it," said Yuliya Snigir.

    From a suburban estate of Darya Nikolaevna were only ponds. The village Troitsk the time of possession Saltychikha — the village seemed ominous name of Mosrentgen. The only other ponds, is the preserved building of the estate Saltychikha the Church of the Holy Trinity. Behind the temple was a cemetery, where were buried the martyred Saltychikha serfs.

    Heralded murder carefully, when another complaint farmers will get, finally, to Catherine II. The investigators will find that the documents were tortured were "dead from disease", "missing", "leave my husband" or "gone into hiding". Only ascended to the throne of Catherine decides to make an example of investigation that will last 6 years. Saltychikha does not plead guilty, even under threat of torture.

    "In the end it was decided that, as regarded Catherine, all arranged. In the entire history of the Russian state, not a single person so was not punished. Exactly it was invented by punishment when its called even banned and considered woman," said the historian Mikhail Korobko.

    The verdict of Darya Saltykova, the Empress wrote personally. In the decree of Ekaterina the landowner called "inhuman widow", "a freak of the human race," "Payne and dushegubitsa". Saltykov was deprived of noble rank, she was forbidden to be called by the name of father or husband. Special "monocycline catcher" — a killer hour of standing chained to a pole on the scaffold. After — life imprisonment in an underground prison with no light and communication.

    On-site St. John the Baptist convent in Moscow Darya Saltykova was imprisoned for 33 years. The first 11 years of Saltychikha was sitting in the so-called dugout, not seeing sunlight, a candle, let her light only during a meal. Then the prisoner has built a special frame with a single small window. Muscovites specially came to see a bloody lady. According to the memoirs of Saltychikha swore at onlookers and threatened to cane.

    Shooting Saga took place in Moscow, Rostov and Kostroma. The sinister surroundings of the manor and the house of Saltykova replaced by bright pictures of social events — as two sides of the Darya Nikolaevna. "Grim fairy tale" define the genre paintings of the creators and promise viewers "Bloody lady": at some point it will be really scary.

    The series premiere of "Bloody lady" on 19 February at 21:00.

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    Car price: how much you can earn on rental Parking spaces

    Saturday 17 February 2018 - 13:14:47email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Miller said the power of "Gazprom"

    "Gazprom" – the anniversary: 25 years. Who after a quarter of a century already surprised expression "national treasure"? Without any pathos "Gazprom" — really a national treasure.

    For starters, we pay tribute to the often heroic geologists and gas companies of the Soviet Union, which after the severe frosts and through terrible heat was Orenburg, West Siberia, the Far East went to the fields, which before they gave the country such income, had to be able to open.

    Remember these legendary names, as REM Vyahirev, Vyacheslav Sheremet and, of course, Viktor Chernomyrdin. Anticipating the immense changes in the country and the world, are they 25 years ago saved the industry. Yes, the process was not always linear, and sometimes the company "Gazprom" recalls the Ministry. But where now "Gazprom" and where most of the other ministries of the USSR? "Gazprom" has remained one of the world's leading energy giants. And its return under the control of the Russian state has become one of the milestones in the history of new Russia of the XXI century.

    President Putin met with the current head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller. But Chancellor Angela Merkel said that Germany approved the new pipeline "Nord stream-2" is not a threat to Europe's energy security. And she said this at a joint press conference with Prime Minister of Poland. That is "Gazprom" — is not just a national treasure. This is based on what the whole of Europe. Not dependent and it is based. But, of course, a fundamental principle is that the strategic importance of Gazprom understand in Moscow.

    Here are the words with which the management and all employees of "Gazprom" appealed to the President Putin: "For very many years in the 90s, early 2000-ies the country's economy was in a difficult situation, she pretty much kept it on "Gazprom" as the company were given the necessary amount to maintain the desired modes and the generation of electricity and heat generation and did so at prices and tariffs are clearly below market. And due to this, the rest of the industry could build its work. And itself "Gazprom" has also done a tremendous job in terms of a technological renovation, expansion of its possibilities. Congratulations to the employees of "Gazprom" and with the results, and happy anniversary!"

    But then Putin was a session live video link directly with four new sports facilities, which has just completed in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Kursk and two towns in Kursk and Voronezh regions. All this in the framework of the program "Gazprom — to children". And this, of course, is a familiar story for anyone who saw the brand video of "Gazprom", which for many years connected to two of the story: economic development and social programs.

    Why on the eve of the current jubilee clip, which ended with the words about the "Power of Siberia" pipeline going to China, suddenly replaced. In the new Pro "Siberia" - is a word. Instead of "Turkish stream". "Vesti on Saturday" made it out with the head of "Gazprom" Alexey Miller.

    - Alexei Borisovich, happy holidays!

    Thank you.

    - Tell me new clip of "Gazprom" you edited?

    - Including.

    - Then I'm on it and walk. Congratulations to you all, but watching the video, I want still to say about some of the challenges. As you, global company, experienced a drop in the price of oil and gas? Where are you now after the prices have started to recover?

    - In fact, for us the important factor is not only price, but volume of demand. A major factor in our revenue in recent times was the volume of exports.

    - So you compensated for the fall in prices by volume?

    - Yes, "Gazprom" over the past three years has increased the volume of gas supplies for export to more than 30%. If we talk about gas prices, then certainly we should note that in 2017 was upward trend. And it is continuing. In early 2018, the price of oil relatively high in comparison with the level which was three or four years ago.

    - Increasing the level of supply in the same Europe, you got in reserve? Is there enough inventory of what there is a speech in video of "Gazprom"?

    - Gazprom possesses the largest reserves in the world — more than 17%. The company is consistently pursuing a policy when annually provides the increase in reserves more than production. That is, our reserves every year just to grow, despite the fact that it increases bulk production of the supply of gas to the market. But we consistently provide a gain of stocks "Gazprom". Today the proven and estimated reserves of 49 trillion cubic meters of gas. We feel more than confident and we can absolutely satisfy the demand of Russian consumers and absolutely all demand the demand for Russian pipeline gas in the European market.

    - In your video one of the items after the inventory is reliability of supply. And Ukraine as a reliable route generally have not considered?

    - If to speak about Ukraine, of course, we now understand that objectively, the main gas transport corridor for Gazprom, for the Russian Federation getting the Northern pipeline corridor for the withdrawal of gas from Yamal. This objective of the Central gas transmission corridor through which, until recently, supplies of gas to Europe through Ukraine. It is in Russia that is losing its important role, which had 10-20 years ago. Gas supplies to Europe via the Northern corridor, through the pipeline "Nord stream-2" is the shortest route for Russian gas supplies, the most effective and the cheapest.

    Congrats on the recent decision of the Germans who endorsed the "Nord stream".

    Thank you.

    - Do you think that after this the Danes, the Finns, the other States involved in this scheme too will follow the Germans?

    - Without a doubt, a permission that was issued by Germany for the construction in its territorial waters offshore gas pipeline "Nord stream-2" (it has already started construction in the area of Graysvald receiving terminal), is the key. It is crucial for the further fate of the project. And in the near future, I think we move on to the final stage.

    - To quote the previous video of "Gazprom": "the Power of family, willpower, strength of tradition, the "Power of Siberia". In a new video "Power of Siberia" is not mentioned and the picture shows the "Turkish stream". "Power of Siberia" has become a secondary project?

    - No. As for the "Power of Siberia", here we have already entered the final stage. And in the next year on December 20 will begin delivery of gas to China. For us, it is fundamentally new, the most dynamic gas market in the world. If we talk about the "Power of Siberia", it is the final stage.

    - Therefore, the "Turkish stream" is mentioned as a prospect, but here the case is almost done?

    - Two-thirds of the linear part of the pipeline is built. In a strictly scheduled date, I stress, will begin deliveries.

    - Existing prices for oil and gas you have in order to quickly reach profitability, the "Power of Siberia"?

    - We have the profitability of the pipeline is not in doubt. The price formula, which is spelled out in the contract with China, allows us at the present prices of the hydrocarbons to feel completely confident.

    - Starting from the agenda defined by the roller, which, as it turned out, you are partially edited, in modern conditions the innovations, of course, a response to the sanctions, because it is clear that as part of their technology ceased to be substituted in Russia. Praise that you have the most interesting in this sense?

    - Probably the most interesting thing is that today we are 100% of the pipes we buy only in Russia. This import substitution work we do with our other suppliers. I must say, we have achieved a very good result: 95% of all logistics products, which buys "Gazprom", we purchase our Russian producers. There is the so-called critical imports but in the near future, the issue we decide.

    Saturday 17 February 2018 - 12:11:46email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Memory Vitaly Churkin: the unexpected moments of the biography of a distinguished diplomat

    Soon a year since he died Vitaly Churkin. So all of a sudden... the day before your 65th birthday. "Thank you for No Russian" is a monument in memory of Churkin and his veto in the UN security Council has now put the Serbs in Eastern Sarajevo, in Bosnia. There took place the laying of flowers, and this was the final episode of a whole film, which is "Vesti on Saturday" prepared for today's grim anniversary.

    An outstanding diplomat, energetic, creative, bold.

    I brought to our meeting a printout of your article in The New York Times, on the demise of Churkin. The article is called "My friend the Russian Ambassador". How can this be, knowing your hot debate in the UN security Council?

    - He was a professional. He had the ability to fight to the end, said American political scientist Samantha Power.

    We will not recount all our film, but we will mention that in new York we passed on that route, what if he had a rare pause, Vitaly Ivanovich loved the morning walk to work by foot. He walked on Park Avenue. This, incidentally, is the street where is located the office of Henry Kissinger. This elder of diplomacy, they got along well. And in the film, Kissinger would tell him what he had prepared Churkin gift for the 65th anniversary gift that Vitaly is no longer received.

    "He served as an Ambassador during one of the most difficult periods in U.S.-Russian relations and did so with dignity and wisdom," — said Henry Kissinger.

    But Churkin in new York come to his childhood friend Boris Tokarev, the actor who played in the movie "Two captains". Along with Churkin, they have children played in the film "the Blue notebook" two brothers-children of the revolutionaries, hiding in Razliv, Lenin.

    "He always said that to be a diplomat Lenin school. It was his favorite joke," recalls Tokarev.

    Go ahead Manhattan. On the corner of 68th street and Lexington Churkin, sometimes, stopped to buy a newspaper, to the press and with the press he was generally a special relationship. And in our film it is much more than one excerpt from his interview to American television back in the ' 80s. Before that, it saw only Americans. Also we will have a unique photo.

    With his wife Churkin met on skis, which they put and children — Anastasia and Maxim. But we will have in the film or sport, through which Churkin suggests political bridges. For example, football with Chinese. We have about Churkin and remember Chinese counterpart on the security Council. "Mr. Vitaly Churkin was an outstanding representative of the Russian people. Honest, principled, fair, decisive, responsible, cultured, erudite" — he said.

    But it was, of course, just a sport. In childhood — skates. And all life — the passion for hockey. Talk with this friend of his, as a hockey player, Alexei Yashin. He talks about how Churkin was out of the office?

    In Moscow will go not just in the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia, and in the Museum of the Russian foreign Ministry. Here now keep some of his personal belongings. Worked under Churkina Maria Zakharova, which led us to this vault of diplomatic curiosities, decided, first of all, to show us the legendary leather folder Churkin came to the meeting of the UN security Council. All its many times seen from a distance, but up close?

    "The folder all worn out. Surprisingly, the man is a star, he's captured the world, and he was in business issues completely unpretentious," said Zakharov.

    In the same Museum is now entertaining a friendly cartoon, Churkin presented on the 60th anniversary. Here all the periods of his work, including the most complicated twists, which are outside the foreign Ministry often do not know and about which we will tell. But still something, even in the annals of the foreign Ministry there. There are in the archives at MGIMO.

    On the old black and white photos — Churkin in the construction team. His friend from College Andrey Denisov — now the Ambassador of Russia in China.

    "Reveal the secret: Vitaly Ivanovich was a debater. He somehow tried to justify, and in our small construction team in the construction unit in Siberia, he was nicknamed Theorist. We just did not know the word "analyst"," recalls Dennis.

    But, of course, a special conversation will be about such biographies Churkin as the Balkans. With respect to its mandate initially there was some controversy at home. "Westerners," then held talks with Kozyrev. I agree with him was a Churkin or not? We ask that the "Westerner", Lord Owen.

    And in the Bosnia visit and the former Olympic mountain cluster, and below, in the gorge, in Sarajevo, which is now very fragile, but still the world.

    On the Balkans in the 90s Churkin picked up the keys not only to a very recalcitrant Serbs, Croats, and negotiators from the European Union and NATO. In fact, in NATO it soon and sent to work.

    Saturday 17 February 2018 - 12:11:30email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The list of Muller: Russian superspy can

    The U.S. justice Department issued a report not just on the Russian intervention in the elections of the President of America, and on a specific list of 13 people. What is this list?

    Following the recent publication of the Memorandum of Republicans about how the FBI in the course of the election campaign played up the Democrats and Clinton personally, neither the Bureau nor the American Ministry of justice do not have good moves. Out from under the hood of spectacular Mueller, whose investigations of alleged Russian interference in the American election lasts for a year, there had to be something. And it appeared. In a 37-page indictment, excerpts of which were read out in charge of the investigation, the Deputy head of Ministry of justice of the United States Rod Rosenstein.

    "The Grand jury in the district of Columbia returned an indictment presented by the office of the special adviser. 13 accused Russian citizens and three Russian companies for committing Federal crimes related to attempts to interfere in the political system of the United States, including the presidential election in 2016. The defendants allegedly performed what they called an "information war" against the United States, with the stated aim of "spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system as a whole," said Rosenstein.

    Thirteen Russian citizens and three organizations — the amount is less than the aggregate number of U.S. intelligence. Intelligence services in the US — 17. Here is the comment of the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on her page in Facebook: "They, it appears, was 13, according to the U.S. Department of justice. 13 people intervened in elections in the United States! 13 against the billion-dollar budgets of the intelligence services! Against the intelligence and counterintelligence against the latest developments and technologies! Absurd? Yes. But this is modern American political reality. By the way, why 13? Apparently, the other numbers has no bad associations, and in this case they all hope".

    In the indictment these thirteen brought some omnipresent superhuman. Not only do they allegedly have time to create and maintain fake accounts in social networks, which rocked American democracy, pitting the supporters of the candidates, but also regularly cruised through the ocean to write to Facebook directly from America, without leaving traces. In the US, like in a bad spy detective, traveled to the oscillating States which have organized political debates, and even posing as Americans.

    "The Russians also recruited and paid us citizens for participation in political activity, promote political campaigns and conducted political rallies. The defendants and their co-conspirators pretended to be activists of the common people. According to the indictment, the Americans did not know what they were talking Russian. After the election, the defendants allegedly organized rallies in support of the elected President, at the same time organizing actions to protest against his election," said Rod Rosenstein.

    That is, if quite simple, on the American elections, the Russian fought first with the Democrats, and after the election is over, began to fight with themselves. And all this for the sake of trump, who, however, still won honestly and without assistance. This Rod Rosenstein highlighted separately, giving the President of the United States and another argument in his defense.

    Date Muller somehow not converged. "Russia started its anti-American campaign in 2014, long before I announced that I was going to run for President. The election results is not affected. Campaign trump did nothing wrong — there is no conspiracy," wrote Donald trump in his Twitter.

    However, the rest Muller after this tweet does not hold. According to Bloomberg, spectacular and the Commission expects to work another few months. As for the defendants in the list, all of them are outside the U.S., and therefore, they will try to hold somewhere in third countries, as is the case with all 17 of us intelligence.

    Saturday 17 February 2018 - 11:15:03email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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