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    Not sorry drum: on the construction of a fence around the orphanage took nearly 7 years

    With pathos, diplomas and applause cut the red ribbon and opened the fence. Made of drum — cheapest wooden boards, these remain after the production at the sawmill. The wastes are not spared in order to make a fence around the boarding school, which is located in Pushkinskiye Gory in the Pskov region. Where the tomb of Alexander. In the centre the opening ceremony took part, in fact, the Director of the orphanage Arkadiy Vasilyev. Next — Chairman of the Pskov regional Council of trade unions, which benefits and with logs, and with employees. And reported: helped children. Although local took the fence with mixed feelings. Social networks sneer — say, poor thing, but environmentally friendly. And in a popular style now loft. But even this creativity around the school has built a long record as many as 6 years, and built and all, when intervened, the court and Prosecutor's office, and the looming criminal penalties, so the fence literally covered the management of the home. However, there were other motives.

    Croaker – waste from local sawmills. Hammer – the property of the school Director. Working hands – caretaker, driver, and volunteers from the Union. In General, this fence the city as I could. However, still under construction a remarkable object in the Pushkin Mountains will not please everyone.

    But the options with the Director of boarding, if there were, it is very unenviable. After all, to fence school fence he is bound by the requirements of the Russian legislation. Read more about this novel shemelev acting attorney Pushkinogorskaya district: "This requirement applies to all educational institutions. As this requirement of the antiterrorist security of educational institutions".

    To break the law the Director of the orphanage, of course, was not going to. So when seven years ago Pushkinogorskaya the Prosecutor's office demanded that the boarding school fence to install, the Director immediately asked for funding. In the regional Department of education, which the school and subject. Only here to find the money failed. Neither in 2011 nor in 2012. All this time the court was to meet: the execution of the decision was postponed. As much as I could. And then the patience is over.

    "Unfortunately, there was a stalemate because there is a lawful judgment. If it were possible, such a fence we would never build, — says Director of Pushkinogorskaya Sanatornaya boarding school Arkadiy Vasilyev. — This is only from the ills, from the inevitable. Of course, the fence, from my point of view, should be aesthetically pleasing view of the other, and the quality of the other."

    When the school came to the bailiffs, money for the construction of the fence is still not there. And the Director was faced with a choice: either two years in prison for ignoring the law and the decision of the court or with a saw into the fresh air. Strictly speaking, this could stop. Because as soon as the school began to grow palisade of the slab, came the good news. First, the officers recorded: the work goes on, the height of the logs, though different everywhere, but the norms of the meter 60 is appropriate. So to the prison Director, nobody will. And, secondly, on the fence was the long-awaited money — more than two million from the regional budget.

    "We understood that the court's decision and the postponement of the court are not infinite, — says acting head of the Department of education of the Pskov region Gennady Baryshnikov. And we knew that the Director in this regard is under serious blow, punishment, responsibility. So, of course, made all the arrangements".

    But to throw a homemade fence halfway already did not. The budget, indeed, in the accounts. But while you will develop technical documentation. While will choose the contractor. It is not one month. "We expect that if coordination is to take place in a relatively short time, under ideal circumstances, the completion of the fence may wait until the summer, i.e. at the end of may previously," says Arkadiy Vasilyev.

    The new fence, according to the dedicated, a very respectable sum, boarding school please: metal design, automatic gate. Once everything is ready, the old fence, of course, understand. Apparently, as well as setting — their own and at their own expense.

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    Campaign: the beginning of the campaign closer

    News election campaign: before election day — a little over a month. The CEC held a draw for placing campaign materials of the candidates in print media. Your stripes contenders for the highest office provided the 15 titles. And the candidates themselves today, personally spoke with voters.

    At the factory "Bolshevik" revival: to acquaint with the program came the candidate of the Communist party Pavel Grudinin. Among sewing machines and equipment — a real crowd. Operators are not spared. The candidate scolds members of the press. The operator of TV channel "Mir" in General, barely anything to shoot in such conditions.

    Grudinin offer to drive the press, and complain about how light his campaign. According to the CEC, the candidate of the Communist party sent 26 complaints with the Commission on journalists. With one of the "Bolshevik" left candidate says about how to raise production. Particular emphasis is on the prospects of light industry.

    "What prevents us to develop? – says Pavel Grudinin. – The fact that Russia is not profitable to produce. We are smothered by taxes, strangled we rates! Do you know who commanded the tariff companies?
    We are smothered with all sorts of administrative letters that say it is wrong, wrong, and then comes the man who says – "Only give money!"And it's all corruption! The state must restore order, especially at. It should cease to take bribes — corruption destroy is necessary. It must make the rules of the game such that all businesses have evolved in real competition. I went to your costumes. And then due to the fact that such taxes, tariffs, payments, your costumes become more expensive than these suits."

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky today are not just talking about the army and weapons — he himself took up arms. And how! Legendary machine gun "Maxim" — the pride of the shooting club, where he arrived the presidential candidate. This sample issue of 1943, telling Zhirinovsky, even though the model appeared in the late nineteenth century. Another rarity — Mosin rifle. Zhirinovsky again took aim and fired several shots. Then moved on to the history of Russian weapons.

    Next — a meeting with veterans of the war in Afghanistan. Today, exactly 29 years since the Soviet withdrawal. Over a Cup of tea — the conversation with the soldiers-Afghans and what needs help at the state level, and on the current state of the Russian army. "Today, we see good progress in the army, — said Vladimir Zhirinovsky. — We see that we have a new weapon. And we see its application. In the middle East is very high-precision weapons. And different. Ships, and a submerged position. And aircraft, and artillery. It's all there. And when some presidential candidates say "We need to leave Syria" — they do not realize that then all we will have here! We therefore on the external borders to protect the interests of our country! But they do not understand. If, then, Afghanistan was not included, perhaps we would have started on the Syrian-Iraqi version in Central Asia."

    About the war in Afghanistan and those who have passed through it, said Sergei Baburin. The candidate from the Russian national Union came to the Poklonnaya Hill to lay flowers at the monument to Soldiers-internationalists. "We need to do everything to where veterans of Afghanistan, where they live today, citizens of Russia, we would establish a normal life, prosperous pension, — says the candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from party "Russian people's Union" Sergei Baburin. — A successful healthcare organization. Because you deserve people defending the country's interests, the interests of the people abroad in military conflicts. It is the duty of those in the rear. To care about families, about children, about the elderly, the wounded and relatives of the victims. Afghanistan teaches".

    The visit of Ksenia Sobchak in Orel was devoted to the municipal problems of the city. In the wall of one of the buildings — crack. The building has long been destroyed, complaining tenants. However, local authorities believe that the house may still stand, and insist on carrying out of additional examinations.

    Sobchak visited the building, went up to the apartment to some tenants, and then together with them went to the city administration. And demanded to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. "The house recognised as emergency, but it was a strange final examination — said the candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from party "Civil initiative" Ksenia Sobchak. — There was a strange PostScript — that the house should not settle, as do the tenants, Yes, indeed, that the house in need of renovation due to the tenants".

    Boris Titov discussed today at a round table, what should be in Russian pension system. According to Titov, it is necessary to provide social guarantees of employees. But a variety of deductions and payment shall not kill the business, reducing profits. "A huge social insurance payments lead to that company, people are unable to pay them, — says the candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from the "Party of growth" Boris Titov. — What if you pay all, you can't run a profitable business. You'll be broke! As a result, the business people, private entrepreneurs go into the shadows. Working without paying taxes. What is it? And this reduction of income. And budget, and the Pension Fund. Here in this circle we live all these years. Despite the fact that the contributions are huge! One of the biggest in the world — 22%! Still not enough money in all to ensure. In the budget each year to repay the debt Retirement Fund. And all the time talking about the increase in social contributions, and increase".

    Alexander Rumyantsev, the co-Chairman of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin today in the city of Ivanovo. Reception on personal issues, behind which lurk the problems of the entire region. One of the appeals: the child is a serious disease that local doctors say that requires a complex diagnosis, which costs money. But it is not only about medicine. Alexander Rumyantsev asked to help with the rebuilding of the temple, gas. And there are examples of the remote villages not to leave the transport there. Even taxis stopped walking.

    The candidate of the Communists of Russia Maxim suraykin I am sure that many of the current problems could be solved on the basis of Soviet experience. Formed action programme: short term — for the next hundred days — and more detailed — for five years.

    "One of the first steps will be the development of new Soviet Constitution — says the candidate for the post of President of the Russian Federation from party "Communists of Russia" Maxim suraykin. — Already in the first hundred days we will form a large working group on the draft Soviet Constitution of the representatives of the Patriotic, socialist, Communist movements. It will be formed on the basis of the Constitution 36-year, 77-year. We believe that the rule which now exists on the prohibition of the state ideology, must be explicitly cancelled. The state needs to be an ideology! This ideology of the Soviet. A decent standard of living, peace, providing all of the freedoms, people, wage-earners".

    Grigory Yavlinsky today went to Saint Petersburg. There he met with workers of culture, answered the questions of voters and talked about his program. "My first priority is to solve the problem of creating in Russia a modern economy, — said the leader of "Yabloko". But the subject is immediately adjacent to a very important other elements of our lives. For example, you cannot create a modern economy in Russia, if not put as a priority the issue of poverty and misery. This is a question for the economy first!".

    Meanwhile, the beginning of agitation closer. The Central election Commission today distributes a area in the Newspapers. The wording gives it away for free. Publications nationwide, but many are not printed in Moscow and in the regions. The most important principle: the conditions should be equal, and, hence, the same bar, and same font size. Publications, pages of which would be to agitate — 15. This amount has not been never, I repeat CEC record! The ability to explain and convince have with all candidates.

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    What is surprising economy of Russia: the opening of the Sochi investment forum in four clicks

    In Sochi started the annual Russian investment forum. This time here has gathered a record number of participants. More than four and a half thousand experts, businessmen, scientists from nearly forty countries of the world. They came not only to convey the experience, but, on the contrary, to adopt it. The new Russian technology is impressive. For example, to open the business we have now is only four clicks on your smartphone.

    The first Russian business in four clicks: the future of trampoline centre was via smartphone. In Singapore three clicks. But we went on. The fourth remote account opening. And soon Russia will cancel the state duty for registration of small businesses. For 6 years in the Doing Business rating Russia has risen from 124 to 35 place.

    Restrictions on the external markets provide unique opportunities within the country.

    "Even under the sanctions, our economy became less dependent on external shocks and commodity prices. We have brought inflation to a record low of 2.5% last year. We have a stable financial system and national currency. We have a balanced budget, and this year, incidentally, he could become surplus. And we begin the accumulation of funds in our sovereign Fund," — said the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

    Muscle economy of modern production. In Zelenograd for 3 years to build a high-tech plant cancer drugs. This is not chemistry, and biologics. And unite their efforts on six strategic areas: improving the quality of drinking water, construction of housing estates, development of public transport.

    "We work together to address the pressing problems that concern people. Ecology, economy, industry, transport, gardeners, summer vacation, clean water and other projects", lists points of contact the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

    "All this is of crucial importance for a huge number of people who live in the Moscow region. Over 20 million people", — appeals to the scale of the projects the Governor of Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov.

    Medvedev gives a week to develop proposals on infrastructure mortgage when government and private money together to create a new environment. Examples are a Western high-speed diameter and Pulkovo airport in St. Petersburg.

    "Public-private partnership has a very long history. And maybe Christopher Columbus would not open America if he would have a concession agreement with the Spanish king that he could exploit the open land and, accordingly, to divide whatever profits, revenues together with the king in a certain proportion. I really think now, maybe it would be better to America did not open, looking at the current geopolitical situation. But it was what it was," laments the President-Chairman of VTB Bank Andrey Kostin.

    "But he believed that he was not discovered America, so you can forgive him," said Kostin participating in the Sochi forum, Vladimir Putin.

    "I agree," — said in response to Kostin.

    Hit if the sanctions on investment attractiveness of regions? In the Tula region 200 foreign companies operate, Finance social projects.

    - Nobody leaves?

    "No, no one leaves. I have even more I want to say: with the opening of the special economic zone we already have a few new residents. Foreign companies", — says the Governor of the Tula region Alexander Dyumin.

    - Can you name?

    - It is…

    - Trade secret?

    - Do not say Ho until they are hatched. Yes, while on the level of negotiations.

    At the end of January 2018 customers of major banks have returned to Russia the assets on hundreds of millions of dollars. That's three times more than a year ago. The capital Amnesty and tax incentives are a worthy response to sanctions.

    "We expect nothing, and long, so probably got something to expect. What if someone wants to — can do it. You know, let them have a headache — we are ready for any solutions. The Russian economy over the past two years has proved that it is able to cope with very serious challenges," answers the question about the new American sanctions, Dmitry Medvedev.

    Educational center "Sirius" in 2018, opens a new school. 700 children per shift, eight and a half thousand students a year. For young talents in the Olympic Park will be erected and concert complex. The stage light the lights in 2021.

    Each year, the forum concluded hundreds of contracts worth billions of dollars. This year its capacity represent almost all regions of the country. In Russia, the climate comfortable, in order to convince the investors, better place than Sochi, perhaps, be found.

    Thursday 15 February 2018 - 20:41:19email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    Putin called on prosecutors to protect orphans and businessmen

    The President of Russia Vladimir Putin at the expanded Board of the Prosecutor General stated that over the past year the total number of crimes decreased. Nevertheless, the Russian authorities, including law enforcement, should focus on combating extremism and corruption, to stop any attempts of pressure on the business and to prevent the laundering of criminal proceeds. The head of state expects from prosecutors work in other areas.

    The overall level of crime in the country has been declining for five consecutive years. Just last year it was 5 percent. The President makes it clear that society expects prosecutors more effective work. But the focus must remain the protection of the rights of citizens.

    "In cooperation with the tax authorities and other agencies need to give a principled assessment of the actions of leaders who spend money intended for employee benefits, and for other purposes, often having nothing to do with the interests of the collective. Of course you should continue to follow closely the issues with preferential vouchers, free medicines and ensure the rights of citizens in these areas," he set the task of the head of state.

    Special control should be the protection of minors. In 2017 the results of the inspections revealed 640 thousand violations. This is hardest on the children's homes. In fact, the prosecutors are their only defenders.

    "I beg fundamentally to respond to the facts of acquisition of apartments for orphan children at inflated prices or trying to get rid of citizens, providing them with the frankly worthless, useless space uninhabitable" — demanded the President.

    Compliance with legislation in the housing sector is generally a big topic. Interest-holders. More recently there have been tens of thousands, those who remained without money and without apartments. But then there was created an interagency group developed measures began to be put careless developers, and to attract sponsors for the completion of construction. And it's gone. Over the past year delivered 140 protracted, more than 6 thousand families has received a welcome home.

    "Another key issue. This is the situation on the ground with the pricing of public utilities, which frequently are frankly fraudulent schemes or organizations who call themselves management companies. If you see that someone is artificially lifts these tariffs, please take quick and appropriate law, legal action. Because of unreasonable jumps of the prices is affected primarily, and we are well aware of that, vulnerable. It's families with small incomes, pensioners", — said Putin.

    And in General, poor. But here the situation is changing. The state supports them. Grow every year payments. As a result, fewer orphans and more and more families that adopt them. Juvenile crime — is reduced.

    "The issue of ensuring authorities in full payment of benefits to low-income families, support parents with many children, creating an additional place in nurseries and schools should remain in the focus of prosecutors. Orienting the bodies of prevention for timely detection of social orphans oversight should prevent cases of unjustified removal of a child from the family", — said Yuri Chaika, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation.

    Prosecutors now receive signals from the entrepreneurs directly via email. Unreasonable and illegal police interference in economic life and business conflicts, and openly invited criminal prosecution in respect of the business is something that the President asked to pay special attention.

    "Listen, dear colleagues, you can not see, not notice. This is a problem today. And it should be solved. I emphasize that effective protection of the rights of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial freedoms is crucial to the successful development of the national economy of the whole country", — said the head of state.

    The President asks prosecutors resolutely fight against money laundering and dramatically intensify the work on anti-corruption.

    "Please act decisively as possible. In this work the police will take all necessary political support and am sure will be able to rely on solidarity, a consolidated position of Russian citizens", — said Vladimir Putin.

    And of course, be added the work of prosecutors in connection with the election campaign.

    "I ask you in preparation for the upcoming elections of the President of the Russian Federation to fully ensure the constitutional rights of citizens in a free democratic will. Fair elections and strict observance of the law during their implementation, it is the basis of legitimacy of state power, the guarantee of confidence of citizens", — said Putin.

    Concluding the official part, the President congratulated with the birthday of one of the most distinguished lawyers of Russia Veniamin Yakovlev. He was one of the originators of the Supreme Arbitration court of the Russian Federation.

    Well, prosecutors Vladimir Putin asked to remember that in their hands enormous power and use it exclusively for the benefit of the country and the state.

    Another important task set by the President — humanization of the legislation. She will continue. President expects Prosecutor General proposals — which articles of the Criminal Code could be translated to the Arbitration proceedings.

    Thursday 15 February 2018 - 19:22:31email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
    The exact time of death of the person can be identified by changes in the activity of genes

    An international team of researchers under the leadership of Roderick gigo (Roderic Guigó) from the Centre for genomic regulation made the discovery that would be envied by Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

    We will remind, earlier it was proven that the genes remain active for several days after death. And now scientists have said that changes in gene expression caused by death, can be used to determine the most accurate time of death.

    According to the authors, observations that give a clue to forensics, you will just need the body tissue is skin or some organs. To determine how much time has passed since the death, with greater accuracy, than make the usual forensic examination.

    The work started in the framework of the project the Genotype-Tissue Expression Project (GTEx)

    Collecting this data Bank, scientists selected a variety of fragments of the tissues of a large number of patients. Their examples were studied predisposition to various diseases, causes of genetic changes and so on.

    Because the samples for studies were taken from the already deceased donor, they had to determine was whether the changes in gene expression are associated with death or time of death, says Roderic gigo. Thus, experts would be able to most accurately simulate the predictions as to which gene variants in different tissues are associated with various diseases.

    To perform specific to different tissues of the body changes of gene expression after a person's death, the team examined data sequencing RNA more than seven thousand samples of 36 different tissues obtained from 540 donors.

    And in the course of this work revealed an interesting detail: the time elapsed since death, affects gene expression. Moreover, this effect for each tissue was different.

    Reaction to the death of the organism is quite specific for tissue, says gigo. For example, over time of gene activity in the brain or spleen was observed very few changes, but more than 600 genes muscle either increased or reduced activity after the death of a person.

    After analyzing and comparing the possible options, the authors created a model to determine post-mortem interval, based on the most "tissue-specific" changes of gene expression.

    Also, gigo and his colleagues have developed software that "studied" model examples 399 people. Then they checked how well the machine learning algorithms predict the time of death they were given to test various 129 cases.

    The program has successfully coped with the task

    Scientists have noted that most changes in gene activities (both increase and decrease in activity) was observed in 7-14 hours after death, and after 14 hours the activity seems to be somewhat stabiliziruemost.

    The researchers also add that their models still require further development and refinements, after which they can be used in the forensic examination.

    Colleagues, gigo, did not participate in this work, met her the results enthusiastically, and also noted that new methods can be combined with artificial intelligence algorithms – this will further facilitate the task of the pathologists and other experts in this field.

    Learn more about the new technique is discussed in an article published in Nature Communications.

    By the way, earlier we wrote about the "microbial clock", which will be another useful tool in forensics.

    Thursday 15 February 2018 - 18:38:38email to someone printer friendly create pdf of this news item
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