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    The CEC distributed among presidential candidates airtime

    The CEC held a draw, which was distributed among presidential candidates airtime on TV channels and radio stations for campaigning and participation in the debate. Campaigning in the media will start this week — February 17. Free airtime to candidates in its best time — Prime time — will provide five Federal TV channels and three radio stations.

    The draw ahead of a critical stage: will soon start campaigning. The CEC was visited by the representatives of candidates and parties. At stake is dozens of hours of airtime. It will be available from February 19.

    Contact your voter candidates will be able to state five Federal TV channels. And on the waves three radio stations. Free campaign will only be possible on working days. But the time to submit your program, without a doubt should be enough — more than 60 hours are reserved to the Federal television and 36 hours on the radio. Plus the regional media. 338 280 TV channels and radio stations across the country. An important caveat — the one who goes the independent candidate, — airtime will be much less.

    "The law on elections of the President of the Russian Federation. This rule was adopted in 2003, it is still valid. Apparently, at one time had a great desire to develop the political system and parties. Therefore, these preferences were provided, it is still in effect. As a result, based on the fact that there is, in this election, seven candidates from the eight time on Federal TV channels will be four times more than our the only candidate independent candidate," — said Ella Pamfilova, the Chairman of the CEC of the Russian Federation.

    While the Central election Commission allocates airtime, politicians still travel across the country.

    Pavel Grudinin is in Novosibirsk, which relies on a special support: the mayor of the megacity — Communist. First, the conversation in the Mayakovsky theater. Later, a conversation with leaders and students of one of the largest scientific and educational centers of Russia — Novosibirsk state agrarian University. There Grudinin talked about the importance of the production of natural products.

    "If we begin to feed its population with palm oil and some soy substitutes, substituting natural products, then we will sooner or later pay off the health of our nation. And the state must do everything to ensure that our natural products were in demand, and it needs to change the situation in agriculture. And what is it? It is necessary to reduce rates, to reduce pressure on business, to give the opportunity to earn in rural areas, and to replenish our shelves with natural products", — said the candidate of the Communist party.

    After that, communication with members, voters and the press — in the local regional Committee of the Communist party. Where Grudinina again asked about his foreign accounts. The topic is being discussed for the second month.

    "My confidant took the letter today Ella Alexandrovna, in accordance with our Declaration to the tax inspection worked five days, we have handed back the documents, in my opinion, February 2, or February 1, when we were Dating. But we have a tax on working. It brings in the personal account data within five working days. I do not blame our tax on how it works. But if now Ella will ask the tax inspection documents, she finds out that all the accounts are closed Grudinina in accordance with the law before there, don't remember, until January 12."

    In the Central electoral Commission on the application of the candidate from the Communist party, responded.

    "The IRS we have not confirmed this information. That is why, given the fact that there are, we gave the most comprehensive information about how the form will print an information poster about all the candidates, who must be present at each of the more than 97 thousand polling stations. As for their income, what we are required to publish this poster, then it is our competence, and we publish information on the income based on the data that we receive not only from candidates but also from the 12 agencies where we direct, say, our requests," said Pamfilova.

    She stressed that the only delay for data Pavel Grudinina.

    "So I asked him, in addition to his statement in which he wrote that all accounts are closed and ready to provide us with a confirmation that it is a confirmation presented. But it's been quite a long time is not yet confirmed. Tax service we has not confirmed the closure of these accounts, they have no such information, we are not. Therefore, we will publish the information given to us, Pavel and that is confirmed by the tax service," — said the CEC head.

    The CEC hope that the evening required documents from the candidate Grudinina come.

    Another candidate from LDPR — Vladimir Zhirinovsky has arrived in the editorial office of radio "Vesti FM" on the occasion of world Radio Day.

    "The last thirty years I have almost not turned off the radio when I'm driving in the car to and from work", — he said.

    Zhirinovsky congratulated the staff on holiday, live answered questions from the audience and said that his first internship took place just on the radio.

    "I why is it expensive? This is my first job! I studied with distinction at the Institute of Asia and Africa. And training! Radio and television! Pyatnitskaya Street. Eighth floor even remember. Eastern edition. Broadcasting in Turkey. Eight months I was there. No one pays any attention. Sit, these Tusovki sorted. First saw free information! Eight months! This is from September of 1968 to April of 1969. So to me it's like expensive," — said the leader of the LDPR.

    Ksenia Sobchak called for a secular event dedicated to the 10th anniversary of the magazine "Russian pioneer", where he voiced the key points of his election program. In his speech, Saakashvili paid special attention to the subject of education and its significance for modern Russia.

    "There is no state's interests, only interests of the people. The state should be only one interest and only one goal — rights and freedoms of citizens for which this state stands for. First and foremost is the right to education. Only education gives people freedom. Only education makes us human. Only education reveals to man the truth and gives him hope".

    The candidate from the "Party of Growth" Boris Titov continues the tour of the South of Russia. Today, the conversation about the problems of business in the Rostov region. The main focus of the business Ombudsman was paid to the issue of criminal prosecution of entrepreneurs he personally went to the detention facility to assess which conditions are the defendants in criminal cases, you do not break their rights. In addition, the program of the visit — meeting with Governor of the region and participation in the forum dedicated to protect business from corruption.

    "We need to restore the most importantly, the presumption of innocence, it is necessary that the investigation led the investigation and did not try to push for a guilty plea. To opt out of the confession of guilt as evidence of guilt, they have to prove to the materials of the investigation, to gather evidence, and as real investigators, as in the old days to prove the guilt of the accused" — says Titov.

    Active work and at the headquarters of Vladimir Putin. Co-chair of staff Aleksandr Rumyantsev today in Vladimir. There he visited the regional office staff. And in addition, met with volunteers to discuss the upcoming campaign. Special attention the staff give to the electors.

    "We had some people who came with questions of organization of medical care, improving the functioning of children's hospitals, cancer center in the Vladimir region. Some issues were discussed from the point of view of what the country should betray the movement to such health effects as active aging. The idea is to help improve the health of seniors or those people who are not working, it is also a very important issue. I have to plan a visit to the children's regional hospital, regional cancer centre, medical College, where I will perform as a doctor. The center, which I lead for 30 years, actively working with the Vladimir specialists. I hope that those orders which we have received from our constituents, will be transferred to our candidate, and will be used in his election program, and if you win it, in the further implementation of these commitments given to it by the population", — said Rumyantsev.

    Sergey Bezrukov — the authorized representative of Vladimir Putin today in Ufa. On the fore questions of support and development of regional theatres. Another important direction — creation of theatre for blind people.

    Another folk artist, unique saxophonist Igor Butman is also the headquarters of Vladimir Putin, in Moscow discussed the problems of youth. This and the establishment of a sport school leagues, and the development of music schools. More important, and what to play.

    "We are now thinking about how to make Russian musical instruments at the same level as foreign. It is in a very early stage. So, of course, the problems of each musician is something that is my program. In General, the question that I can not solve it, but I know to whom I can turn to. Who can I help," said Butman.

    Presidential candidate Grigory Yavlinsky today presented its economic program at the club meeting FCO ("Financial and accounting consultants"). The founder of "Apple" told the participants about how he sees the future of the Russian economy, and what should be the minimum wage and pensions.

    "The driver of the economic system, which I think is extremely important is the radical expansion of domestic demand, which will not only create the necessary parameters of economy growth, but which will provide employment and income growth," — said Yavlinsky.

    And Sergey Baburin — the candidate from the party "Russian national Union" — went to one of the bookstores of the capital. And especially spent a lot of time in the historical section. Several books purchased for home library.

    "Bookstores, like libraries, especially in small towns — it's kind of clubs where people gather who want and know how to think. And for the Russian society the ability to think is part of the national character! Thanks to books. Due to the fact that we saved the printing trade. Even some time to print books abroad. Now in Russia we have all the potential needed. So life goes on! And there's a chance that we will emerge from the current impasse in social development".

    Maxim suraykin today addressed the problem of dilapidated housing. Here are a few of the houses in Tver, who visited the presidential candidate of the party "Communists of Russia". Suraykin insists, to cope with the painful problem can only be a socialist society.

    "We are constantly being residents of dilapidated housing, and today our regional Committee are constantly applications from residents, today we came with friends to personally verify the condition of housing. Because the government is housing do not want to recognize the emergency and, despite the fact that there are crumbling walls, no hot water, people just live in the wild, they fleeced the utility company. 10 — 15 thousand they pay utility bills here for this alleged property, although this is even a slum can not call it outrageous. Now we will make every effort to resolve this problem, and as a party and as a candidate, and so across the country we need to solve the problem of liquidation of dilapidated housing, because it is not a shelter, people can not live in such conditions", — was indignant suraykin.

    While the candidates and trusted entity in the road, the CEC announced: ballots already sent to print.

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    Three medals, no matter what: the price of victory through the eyes of those who are rooting for our

    In competitions, our athletes won three bronze medals. Russian skiers Alexander Bolshunov Belorukova and Julia won bronze medals in the men's and women's sprint, and the Duo of Anastasia and Alexander Bryzgalova Krushelnytskoho won Russia's first Olympic Curling medal. Meanwhile, the Games was a first doping scandal. In the sample of Japanese short-track racer was discovered steroid, which increases muscle performance. Efficacy Japanese show on the ice had no time and had already left the Olympic village.

    She went into the lead from the start, although the start hardly anyone believed: Julia belorusova a few weeks before the Olympics and fell heavily, lost consciousness, had to go to the doctor. But today he fought like nothing happened.

    "I can't cry, — says the bronze medalist of Olympic games in 2018 cross country skiing, Julia belorusova. — I think at this point I turned off the light in the head, because I don't understand at all what I did now, but again, I knew it would be. It's very cool!".

    Olympic medalist Belorukova — 23. But already the silver of the world championship. Skiing is 10 years old. Julia is an orphan, and the support of friends is always rescued. Today after the finish together with his colleague Natalia Mediaeval (skier is stopped in a step from medals) hugged with tears in their eyes.

    Tears were welling up, and for men skiers — they finished a few minutes before athletes. Another medal — Alexander Bolshunov. He was only 21 and he walked around the Norway's Golberg Paul, who was the winner of the world Cup, and came shoulder to shoulder with the famous Federico Pellegrino, the world champion in 2016. "I'm happy that I'm fighting with the guys, and it's all here in seconds, even less than a second, says the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in 2018 cross-country skiing Aleksandr Bolshunov. I know that all the experience and are already thinking that the phone just probably passed out, charging the village."

    "I lost his voice entirely — recognized sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev. — Bolshunov after the "Tour de ski" came down with the bronchitis fell, even in hospital. It seemed that what the Olympics? For a few days myself came here from the fees came from Austria, piping hot, rampage just. That's exactly that, so we here at the ski stadium rejoiced in the success of Russian skiers had not only to go to the Olympics and have to go and succeed".

    Amazed everyone. About the team from Russia, took over an hour for two medals, and in a day or three, write dozens of international publications. Another award — Curling. The same brush with which trained our athletes before taking the "bronze" — use it in training. On the Games brush athletes are issued by the Federation in order that the pillow does not have any prohibited substances. As soon as it becomes clear that the medal, Nastia hugged Sasha to stick his shoulder and crying from happiness.

    The loudest tribune, when our team takes the bronze. In this moment behind the scenes the American team coach Jacques Higgs reaches out to coach our team. Athletes from women's teams (they start tomorrow) scream, that is urine.

    Nastya and Sasha — 25. They are not just a team — a family. At each breast — the talisman. At 19 — began Dating a 20 — play along. And she at first did not want the team to Alexander. In the evening quarrel, and how to play in the morning? Or on the court to yell at each other, and what to do at home? Straight from the arena go to celebrate. The first time, two in training, and in the restaurant. However, the cups are still tea and coffee. On the phone pouring of congratulations, including from those who a few years ago laughed as the guys drive on ice with a MOP, which is actually a brush for Curling. Curling both started in high school.

    "You there in the morning going in the bus with this brush, all go in a minibus and hold, want to hold on to her — says the bronze medalist of the Olympic games-2018 Curling Anastasia Bryzgalova. And everyone laughed — what a polisher, and nobody knew what it is."

    They are 24 hours together, and he is constantly photographing her. That beauty from Russia, Bryzgalov has attracted the interest of millions to the Curling, today wrote to the world press. Here is just one quote: "I don't know anything about Curling, but Anastasia Bryzgalova made me a fan of this sport".

    Their awards, our athletes will get tomorrow. And tomorrow will cling to the TV. Wednesday — the first game of our "red machine". Russia — Slovakia, 14 in Moscow.

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    Our bronze medalists were sick of their relatives and friends

    In Pyeongchang, the Russians have won three bronze medals. All this time our athletes have hurt millions of Russians and especially the performances of the athletes with a sinking heart watched their relatives and friends.

    Russian skier Alexander Bolshunov, became the bronze medalist of the Olympic games in Pyeongchang in the individual classic sprint, spoke about the relations with opponents, but also explained why he left his native Bryansk oblast.

    "Klebo no problem. And the same with Pellegrino. All hugged and congratulated each other. Pellegrino — my odnoklasnik, you might say. On the same ski run. Thank you Simon Caprini, who gave me the skis".

    He stressed that maintains connections with the homeland.

    "Ptivate is a small village of 200 people. Located 6 kilometres from Ukraine, 200 — from Bryansk, 500 — from Moscow, from Moscow. Don't know whether I'm home now born in that village. To move to the Tyumen oblast made my region for which I ran. There were no conditions and perspectives to continue and improve. I had to pull out, and I found a another region," said Bolshunov.

    Alexander Bolshunov, though, and went in his time with the Bryansk, Tyumen oblast, tries to visit parents who live a small village in the Sevsk region at the border with Ukraine. For the son, they certainly were ill. Together with the whole country. Father, by the way, and was the first coach for Alexander. He put his son on skis.

    Bronze medalist personal sprint classic at the Olympic games in Pyeongchang Russian Yulia Belorukova noted that won the award in spite of circumstances and evaluated their potential.

    "Today I was even asked, I new form. That is, you know? not Russian. The alien before the final and asked, apparently with podkovyrochkoy. I was also set up. Said that all is well," she said.

    She stressed that that was 15th in qualifying, it had no effect.

    "I know that in the qualification run may not always show the maximum. Then I thought, suddenly the third place, for some reason it is. It was the highest to date. Before the race I tried not to think about anything. At that time it was max. Whether it be form better, who knows what would have happened. I have long understand that you can. Medals can win. Gold still have to wait a little bit," — said Belorukova.

    Yulia Belorukova at home sick brother and her trainer Alexander Vetrov. Julia and her brother were growing up without parents. But, apparently, the hardships of life tempered Yulin character and Olympic bronze — this is not the limit.

    "By the sixth grade, it was clear already something in it. Began to win and win, and went and went. For 130 times push-UPS," — said Alexander Vetrov, the first coach of Belorukova.

    Bronze the success of our curlers can rightly be called the first major family win. And it could be all different. If Alexander krushelnitsky listened to the leaders of the team and agreed to act in a pair with another athlete. He refused. Where the same without your beauty Anastasia?

    "They love the take-outs, that is, strong throws. Anastasia at the Olympics several times showed amazing shots when she knocks several stones out. Well, Alexander likes. If you notice, it's such an athletic man" — said their coach.

    "In their case, they it definitely helps. I have long noticed it. Even if they swear on the ice, for them, it is positive. They are not destroyed, as a team," said Peter drone, champion of the world.

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    Candidates Approach the People: What Do Russian Voters Have on Their Minds?

    Now, news of the election campaign. Most presidential candidates are now in the regions. The politicians are discussing various topics with voters. The industrial development, support for veterans, and even the breeding of rabbits are among the topics.

    Our political observer Alexander Balitsky will tell us about how the meetings are going.


    For voters to know not only the official information about the candidates but more, the participants in the presidential campaign meet with the people themselves and prepare campaign materials.

    At Ksenia Sobchak''s headquarters, they're composing a newspaper layout. Sobchak participates in the brainstorming remotely.

    "Yes, Ksenia Anatolyevna…"

    In order for it to be printed, the newspaper must be approved by the CEC. Today, they were just determining what would be written on the information poster about each of the eight candidates. The information also includes income and financial assets. Speaking of all this data, the CEC deputy chairman Nikolai Bulayev was forced again to recall the story about Grudinin'candidate's foreign accounts.

    Nikolai Bulayev: "The CEC has two kinds of letters: first, asking why a person with foreign accounts is still participating in the election campaign, and second, asking to stop attacks on Pavel Nikolayevich. The Federal Tax Service informs us that Pavel Nikolayevich has two additional accounts in Switzerland banks, of which he notified the Federal Tax Service, and on February 2, 2018, he sent a notification through his account saying that he closed them. But there's a small circumstance, the CEC wasn't informed of these accounts, and information about the cash balances as of October 1, 2017 wasn't transferred to the CEC. We still don't have such information".

    The story of Grudinin''s accounts has been developing since December. At first, he didn't specify that he had overseas accounts at all, in January, he confirmed their absence, and then reported that he had five, which he seemed to have closed. Then, it turned out that there are also Swiss accounts. On February 2, Grudinin candidate already gave explanations about this in the CEC. He said that the accounts were closed, and he had documents confirming this. He d surely bring them. But ten days passed, and the Central Election Commission still continues to wait.

    Ella Pamfilova, the CEC chairman: "I hope that respected Pavel Nikolaevich, as a respected candidate is registered, as there are no doubts that he'll participate in this election campaign, will show maximum respect for more than 100 million voters, and as soon as possible, if there's a need to update this information, will provide us with the documents as he promised, proving that the accounts are closed".

    The candidate from the Communist Party couldn't personally hand over these documents today. He met with voters in the Altai.

    Pavel Grudinin: "First, we need to fill the budget and, first of all, we need to put an end to corruption and robbery in our country, we're the richest country, after all".

    And this is a press conference for local journalists. However, they were more interested in the latest news about the trials and the land of the Lenin State Farm.

    Pavel Grudinin: "As for the cooperative members, the Lenin State Farm never had any cooperative. We had shareholders, we've been a joint-stock company since 1995 and the whole land until 1995, from 1991 to 1995, was in collective-joint ownership, and then, it was transferred into fixed capital. This is confirmed by all courts up to the Supreme Court".

    "What do you mean saying there were no cooperative members? They were in the whole country, there was the reorganization of agricultural enterprises into public companies. There were cooperatives, there were their members, and they claim that there were no cooperative members".

    "After all, two certificates were issued according to the court decision. We had two certificates. They gave them to us."

    "417 certificates were brought to court".

    This story, in which former employees of the Lenin State Farm believe that their leadership deceived them when it was privatizing the land, has been developing for more than 20 years. As well As courts proceedings.

    Lyudmila Sidorova, the former Lenin State Farm employees representative: "Our trustees were unfairly deprived of their shares, and at present, we're convinced that they are proprietors by law".

    The other day, the Vidnensky City Court admitted to examination another claim to the management of the state farm. Considering that there are already nine such appeals, they decided to unify the case.

    "The court comes to the conclusion that in this case the unification of several similar cases of complainants' suits to one defendant, the Lenin State Farm, in one proceeding will facilitate the proper consideration of the case".

    Today, Zhirinovsky's agitation train makes a stop in the Smolensk Oblast. The LDPR leader always likes to set the region as an example. For five years, it's been led by his party representative. Zhirinovsky visits a complex where rabbits are bred, which, as we know, bring not only valuable fur.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "Rabbit meat is the healthiest! It's low-fat and has many vitamins!"

    Zhirinovsky checks how much easier it became to issue certificates and documents at the local multifunctional center of state services and gives a speech to the local university students.

    Vladimir Zhirinovsky: "The higher The democracy level is, the more peoples want to have their own the state. It must be divided only administratively. The Province Of Smolensk, Tver, Kostroma. Republics are an option that can weaken the state".

    Grigory Yavlinsky spent all day in Saratov. He saw the historical center, which obviously needs repairing, and compared prices and buying activity in the local market. At an enterprise that produces packaging equipment Yavlinsky spoke on the basis of economic prosperity.

    Grigory Yavlinsky: "In the next 20 years, all foreign, internal, military, defense, security policies, all policies should be aimed at solving one important task: the creation of a modern, large, competitive, efficient economy in Russia".

    The pre-election morning in the Crimea began for Boris Titov. with a roadside café and local famous chebureks.

    Boris Titov: "I really like chebureks".

    The topic of competition comes up by itself. Titov is a business ombudsman. And on the way, he has time to discuss with the taxi driver what the small business is waiting for. The trip, by the way, cost 300 virtually any.

    Boris Titov: "It should be very convenient. Administrative As little pressure as possible. It should be fine in terms of financial burden, so that taxes are small. This is why we say 20,000 a year, not more. Well, and it needs to be safe. For the control bodies not to come and take the property away".

    Sergey Baburin came to support the picketers at the Gorky Park. They gathered to protest against the idea of the Yakimanka municipal deputies to move the monument to Lenin from the Kaluga Square to the Museon Park.

    Sergey Baburin: "I hope that they, these deputies, realized that they were stupid and went to repent somewhere. This is our legacy. No matter how we treat Lenin, Nicholas II, some people love one, some people love the other one, let's take good care of our memory".

    Another candidate for presidency, Maxim Suraykin, repeatedly supported Lenin on the Kaluga Square. But today, he's in the Nizhny Novgorod Oblast. Some time ago, Suraykin already tried to become governor there. And today, as a presidential candidate, he visits the residential facility for veterans of war and labor.

    Suraykin immediately explains that the Communists of Russia and the Communist Party, in spite of the similarity in the title, are different parties. And while having a cup of tea, he gives veterans jubilee party medals on the Red Army's 100th anniversary. His campaign program addresses both social guarantees and communal services.

    Maxim Suraykin: "We must return to the Soviet system of state service enterprises and state regulation of prices for housing and communal services, so that they're accessible and don't constitute more than 10 percent of the total family budget".

    And in Chelyabinsk, the first meeting of volunteers was held in the regional headquarters of Vladimir Putin, they'll help to prepare and conduct the election. All volunteers undergo a rigorous selection. And you'll be able to recognize them by these special uniforms.

    Yekaterina Baymukhametova, Volunteers of Victory coordinator: "The youngest ones are 18 years old, college freshmen who support his policy despite being young, they like the country they live in".

    Putin's trustees have already joined work. Actor Sergey Bezrukov in Samara spoke about the support of culture and art.

    Sergey Bezrukov: "You should go to the election with energy and good mood".

    The voting day is exactly in five days. And the most active part of the campaign is ahead: the candidates will receive free television airtime.

    And today, the Central Election Commission presented an updated version of the website. It became simpler and more convenient to search for and receive news and election information about candidates for the presidency.

    Alexander Balitsky, Shchepilov Maxim and Ilgiz Khakimov, Vesti.

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    The Hunt for the Wreckage of the Russian Jet Begins - What Weapons Were Used to Take it Down?

    Farewell to the hero, grief and honors aren't the end to the story with the crashed Su-25. There'll be a continuation. Now, our military intelligence has an important task: to find the wreckage of the aircraft and fragments of the missile, which will help identify what type of a portable anti-aircraft missile system MANPADS, terrorists used. There's no doubt that it was MANPADS.

    Even after some militant, Mahmoud Haj Ismail, call sign Castro, from some group called Jash Khur Idlib, told some independent journalists from some strange organization Northern Syria Observer that it was he, Castro, who shot down the Russian armored Su-25, and he allegedly shot from a Soviet paired antiaircraft gun manufactured half a century ago, ZU-23-2, as if from a machine gun. This organized informational fake is for the being credulous and aimed at deliberately confusing the public opinion, hiding the obvious and very dangerous. Terrorists are armed with MANPADS. Man-portable air-defense systems are delivered to fanatics, their people are trained, and they already started using them.


    It's confirmed that the heat-seeking missile flew into the nozzle of the right engine of our Su-25. Experienced pilot Major Roman Filipov immediately reported this over the radio to his wingman, another pilot who flew behind, covering him on his attack plane.

    Later, the wingman clearly described what happened: "When the MANPADS hit the commander's plane, all bets were off. I've always covered the commander in the air, I had to do it on the ground when he already started the fight. I remained in that area and executed several attacks."

    That is, the pilot who flew behind Roman Filipov saw that it was a MANPADS missile. That's what he said: "When the MANPADS hit."And we're being lied to by some kind of anonymous false-Castro. We've cleared up this situation.

    Another question is where did the terrorists get MANPADS from? And this is important. A related question is what type of MANPADS are those, who manufactured them? It could be the American Stinger, the old Soviet Strela, Igla or the newer, say, the Chinese FN-6. If we determine the type, it'll be easier to trace the supply chain.

    If we look at it from the other side, by the classic approach of "who benefits from it", then the more technologically advanced weapons in the hands of terrorists in Syria are primarily beneficial to the United States. This is true if we judge not by words. After the tragedy in Idlib, they began mumbling "No, no, it wasn't us" suspiciously fast. This is true if we judge by specific actions of the Americans in Syria and the historical experience of our relations.

    First about the actions. The US troops illegally deployed in Syria, despite the protests from the legitimate government, set up military bases there. They announced the creation of uncoordinated "border security forces" and aimed at the dismemberment of Syria in spite of all the UN Security Council resolutions and agreements with Russia. Moreover, since last year, they've been supporting militants fighting against the Syrian army. It went so far that the Russian Defence Ministry was forced to declare: "The main obstacle to the completion of the destruction of ISIS in Syria is not the fighting capabilities of terrorists but the support and overture of American colleagues with them".

    On Friday, it was reported that the dam in Raqqa, which is under the control of the pro-American coalition, was unexpectedly lifted, and the Euphrates waters destroyed the bridge near Deir ez-Zor built by the Russian military. The structure was temporary, but anyway it served as a transport artery for the region. And at the beginning of the year, a swarm of drones attacked the Russian airbase of Khmeimim. They were allegedly handmade, insulated with green adhesive tape, but they wouldn't have been able to take off without the high technologies that the most developed states in the world own. It's good that we shot down these drones, some of them landed and took them for research. But the fact is that the terrorists have now mastered the drones. Who helped them?

    It's clear that the US resolutely rejects all questions. But we've been through this before. Afghanistan is a good historical example. Back then, the US president Reagan decided to annoy the Soviet Union and supply the Stinger MANPADS to the mujahideen to fight them for our armored combat helicopters Mi-24D. This is what Milton Bearden, the head of the CIA''s headquarters in Afghanistan and Pakistan, said in those years. He also directed the secret operations against the USSR on the territory of Afghanistan.

    Milton Bearden: "Soviet Mi-24D helicopters, Crocodiles, are very powerful and dangerous. They represented a serious threat to the insurgents. They could do nothing about them. Their 12 - and 7-millimeter machine guns simply couldn't break their armor. Bullets bounced off. Therefore, in 1985, we decided to give the rebels weapons that would help them cope with the USSR air strike forces. And the Stinger was such a weapon. We took them into service and trained the Afghans. And in September 1986, near Jalalabad, a group of mujahideen armed with Stingers hit a detachment of Soviet Crocodiles. Yes, that's what the games of the Cold War were like".

    Are these the same games that Americans are playing now in Syria? After all, the only thing they do is militating against a seemingly agreed goal, the final expulsion of terrorists and the political settlement in Syria. They dissuaded the leaders of the Syrian opposition from going to Sochi to assist the recent Congress of the National Dialogue of Ghana, and when fifteen thousand representatives of the most diverse political and ethnic groups came there anyway, the United States hastened to devalue the whole event and said that we invited the wrong people.

    Or all these accusations against Russia when they say that we allegedly cover Bashar Assad who uses chemical weapons here and there. At the same time, Americans categorically oppose the creation of a mechanism for investigating chemical attacks with mandatory experts’ checks on the scene. And after all, we've also gone through false accusations of chemical weapons usage. And it was also in Afghanistan. Let's come back to the confessions of the former resident of the CIA there, Milton Bearden. He made them 30 years after the events for the documentary Afgan by Andrei Kondrashov.

    Milton Bearden: "There were a lot of stories, everyone was sure that you were using prohibited chemical weapons and other things prohibited by international law, which wasn't true. But newspapers and magazines all over the world wrote about it. Yellow rain, it wasn't true".

    Doesn't it look like what's happening now? But Milton Bearden''s comments are getting more interesting. The ones about "toy bombs". It's a word for mines disguised as children's toys, scattered allegedly by Soviet soldiers in Afghanistan. It's not true either.

    Milton Bearden: "But look at the headlines! You didn't do this. But it was an interesting story, we promoted it. In fact, it was a fiction by one journalist who said that you stuffed toys with explosives, and kids picked them. That never happened, but the myth was wonderful. Everyone knows what a great Russian soul feels towards children, but you know that the lie is part of the war".

    The lie is part of the war. Have the US, their morals and methods changed a lot since then? Where do the terrorists in Syria get MANPADS from? Of course, we can now sort out different ways of delivery, routes, chains, accidents, and even countries from Ukraine and Bulgaria, to Jordan, Israel, and Iraq.

    But one thing is clear: from now on, these weapons — MANPADS — can be used by terrorists not only against Russian attack planes in Syria but also against civil aircraft anywhere on the planet.

    And the last thing. December 23, 2016, outgoing US President Obama signed a law on the defense budget, which provided for the authorization to supply arms to anti-government forces in Syria, including MANPADS. In early January of this year, within the framework of a reported secret deal by the Arab information portal Al-Masdar News, the United States, within the framework of a secret agreement, delivered a batch of weapons, including MANPADS, to the Syrian Kurds of YPG in Afrin formations. Afrin is only one hundred kilometers away from Idlib, where terrorists shot down our Su-25 a week ago. Just a hundred kilometers.

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